Organ console MIDIfication (part 1)

Here some pictures of the old electromechanical organ console I am working on at the moment.

Organ console original state
Organ console after removing the pedalboard, the front and back panels and the wood shutter

There are no historical notes, but it may be that the console was originally built by Vegezzi Bossi in the first half of the XX century. In 1975 it was brought to the parish church of Nole and was put into the nave and remotely connected to the existing pipe organ via electrical cabling. At the same time the organ was fitted with solenoid valves.

Back of the console
Back of the console. On the right the fixed combinations box, in the middle the crescendo device and on the left the couplers box.

The target of my job is to convert this old equipment into a fully featured MIDI console. The first phase has been of course the removal of all the electro-mechanical devices that were once used to achieve the job of nowadays digital systems.

As the work proceeded it became clear that the woodwork would need a little restoration in order to bring back this old big durmast bureau to its original beauty.

Empty organ console
The empty console resembles an old wood bureau. All panels require some special care by a restorer.

New pictures will be posted as soon as the work will proceed to its next phase.

Empty organ console
On the right a long chink is clearly visible.

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